FS19 mods – implements II

This article continues of FS19 mods implements article. There we will describe seeders, sprayers and fertilizer spreaders. We want to remember, that Farming Simulator 19 will be released 20 November. The game will be adapted for Windows OS, Xbox, PlayStation. In this website, you will find a lot of FS19 mods and information.


No one farm cannot do without seeder. This is one of the most important implements in farming life. Seeder is used to sow fields. Most often seeders are not self-propelled. Powerful (or not) tractors drop seeder into the ground and pulling to the front, then spreading seeds. Some modern seeders have integrated cultivator, which is mounted in front of the implement. One of the largest seeders in the world is Seed Hawk 1300. This seeder consists of three parts: toolbar, air cart and air drill. This seeder officially approved in Farming Simulator 19 game. So, do not waste time to download this mod, because it will be in the default game!


Sprayers use to fertilize fields with liquid fertilizers. They can be self-propelled or not. Most of them are not self-propelled and attaches on the back of a tractor. They are always foldable and can unfold to very large width. One of the largest attachable sprayer is 36 meters in width. On FS19 officially approved very large self-propelled sprayer – Hardi Rubicon 9000. This sprayer is ideal for mega-fields. It will cost in-game about a half million euro, so it’s a very expensive item and you would like to purchase it only when you have giant fields.


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