FS19 implement mods and tools

FS19 implement mods

What farming game without implement mods? Every Farming Simulator mods game has a large assortment of implements and tools, but with mods, you can drastically improve your game. In this article, we will introduce about FS19, FS17 and real-world implements for farming. So, most important farming tools are the cultivators, seeders, ploughs, mowers, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, balers, rakes, liners, tedders, front weights. Every tool has a different purpose and technical characteristics.


Cultivators stir and pulverize the soil, either before planting. This tool has teeth (shanks). Cultivators help control weeds, conserve water, loosening ground. Unlike the plough, the cultivator performs loosening without a turn of the formation. For a garden purpose, farmers use self-propelled small cultivators. In fields cultivator aggregated with a tractor.


Ploughs are very useful implement to prepare the ground for seeding. This tool uses for initial cultivation of the soil. Cultivate with a plough is a first step to prepare the ground for seeding.  Ploughs have large teeth, from three to 15 and more. Ploughs usually are narrower than cultivators, because to pull plough need the more powerful tractor. When you play Farming Simulator (FS19 mods) you can choose to cultivate with a plough optionally. This option has FS15, FS17 and will have an FS19 game. In the photo below you can see Kverneland plough with seven teeth.

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