Bag Lifter Pack v 1.1

About the mod:
This Mod Pack contains 3 bags, 2 liquid tank and 3 tools for handling bulk objects.
The Lizard 1300 XL lifter can directly attach the bags. Also you can attach the Kuhn Axis, and work as a self loading vehicle.
The Lizard ToolX 1500 (or X-Tool) has fastening belts, so you can easily lift the liquid tanks too when its get attached to Lizard 1300 XL.
For Telehandlers there is a simple bag lifter attachment.
For easier handling bulk equipment, don't forget to you counter weight.

Version 1.1:
* Added Extra Implement
* Corrected Fill Capacity for Lime
* Corrected Bag visuals to match capacity
* Added fully support to attach Trailers, implements
* Added Lights support


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