Bromar MBT 150 Mother Bin v 1.2

About the mod:
- Selectable Wheels
- Selectable Wheels Brand

Selectable Capacity:
- 185000 liters
- 1000000 liters
- 1500000 liters
- 2000000 liters

Version 1.2:
* Hitch not adjusting to Tractor Hitch fixed (still has movement when hitched, we suspect that is due to actual size of the trailer)
* Wheels not steering when backing up fixed
* Added realistic volume size 185000 liters for those wanting to stay realistic volume wise

Xetoa, Modder Rolf

2 thoughts on “Bromar MBT 150 Mother Bin v 1.2

  • Chris Reese says:
    5 months ago

    These trailers are NOT hooking up to the drawbar they are being pulled strictly by the pto shaft only no matter what tractor is being used. I have this on 2 maps and both do NOT hook to the drawbar neither the other ones. Glitch in program

  • Chris Reese says:
    5 months ago

    Still NOT hooking

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