Bruks v 1.2

About the mod:
Chipper with Stumpgrinder attachment. Eats trees whole, instantly. For best results, pre-cut down tree.

Working on:
- Stumpgrinder visual effects
- Pipe worklight visual effect
- Pipe graphics overlay

Version 1.2:
* Added Stumpgrinder attachment
* Fixed issue with some map terran conflicts. (was causing chipper to rock when turning Tractor wheels while driving)
* Reduced chip capacity causing tractor to wander when chipper hold was full, due to chips having a higher mass in FS19

dimanix, SlimJim

One thought on “Bruks v 1.2

  • Ricky A. Marple says:
    9 months ago

    Wood chipper works great, but the stump grinder is worthless. It won’t grind stumps no matter how I try to get it to work. Also it would be nice if the wood chipper/stump grinder could be attached to a front loader like it can be in FS17.

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