Chippewa County Farms Map v 1.0

About the mod:
- Seasons ready
- 5 Farms (3 of which have cows)
- Multi Terrain Angle
- Working Grain Bins that require an auger
- Working stave silos that convert grass and chaff to silage
- 1 Sell Point
- An Animal Dealer with a Bale Sell Point
- A functioning Lime Buy Point
- Animated doors
- A Shop and repair Triggers at each Farm

MB Farms, Tired Iron Modding

3 thoughts on “Chippewa County Farms Map v 1.0

  • wga says:
    4 months ago

    anyone know the ih mod in the pic?

  • gfr says:
    4 months ago

    Great mod, enjoying it!

  • brad samuels says:
    3 months ago

    I can it !!!

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