Drive Laner v 1.1

About the mod:
The Drive Laner enables the creation of drive lanes and can attach to prepared seeders

- This is a only a helping tool. With the discs the DriveLaner visualize the place where drivelanes create and the dummy cube shows the attachment point
- Optically the DriveLaner hover contactless behind the seeder. Because of that the Pro-Version can be hide

The Pack Contains:
- DriveLaner Arcade simple attach and directly controlled over the selected seeder
- DriveLaner Pro same as "Arcade" + additional adjustments for track and offset (0-12 m)

- "Electronic DriveLaner" can attach to your tractor "frontloader consoles". With adjustment for track offset and with counter (0-3 m)
- Can use with all 3-point mounted seeders
- Limited using with trailed seeder (only in a straight line)

Prepared Airseeder
- Agromasz - Salvis 3800
- Vaderstad - Rapid A 600S
- Lemken - Solitair 12

Prepared Single Corn Seeders:
- Kverneland - Optima V
- Lemken - Azurit 9
- Vaderstad - Tempo V8
- Horsch - Maestro 12 SW

Version 1.1:
* Digital Laner Version
* Added E-Drivelaner


How to install FS19 mods?

Firstly find a mod which you like and want to download. Then download a mod to your PC. Mods are usually in .zip format file. But sometimes it can be in .rar. If a mod file is a .zip format no needed additional actions. If a file is in .rar, then you must unarchive mod with software like WinRar or Zip7. Windows 10 users no need to use software for archives, Win10 itself has a feature to unarchive files.

The next step is to find mods folder in your PC. Usually, it is in Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 19/2019. Open the "mods" folder and put downloaded .zip archive or unarchived .rar file to this folder.

Last step. Enjoy of FS19 mods!

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