Farming Simulator 19 loaders

Farming Simulator 19 loaders

Loader mods are not very common in Farming Simulator 19, but it’s also the interesting category of mods. Loaders can be small or large. Small loaders look like Bobcat mini excavators, sometimes these loaders have tracks. Tracks helps to overcome soft surfaces in fields or farm territory.  Mini loaders work very fast and are extremely maneuvrable. Usually, they are using to load or transport fertilizer and seed bags, load bales, flatten little terrain zones and other small works.

Another category of loaders is large loaders, which looks like big tractors. This type of loader mods is using for large farms. They do not have any problem to work on any type of ground. Mostly, large loaders use to load truck trailers with various crops, load a wood or coal in wagons. Also, these loaders work with silage.

Both type loaders have a lot of front attachments. Large loaders usually using shovel or tweezers for wood. Forklift type loaders have mostly attachments: bale and pallet forks, various shovels, special silage shovel, bale grabber, stone grip and other attachments.

If you want to work on your farm effectively, download both type loader mods: one smaller and one large. You will easily complete various tasks, like wood transportation, silage works, animals feeding.

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