Farming Simulator 19: New American Map Ravenport Featurette

Take a tour through Ravenport, one of the two brand new maps in Farming Simulator 19! In this video, you will see American style map for FS19. Firstly, eye caches incredible graphics, which is so realistic. Large fields with various type of crops, American train, large bridges look like real American map. In Ravenport map you find some very realistic and interesting map details, like car scrapyard, the old wooden broken bridge above the river, a church with the nice garden, lighthouse and other. Also, this map has added beach, horse riding site, cement factory. Player house will be coloured dark grey colour. It is a wooden, traditional style American house. One of the newer things is the crossroads with boom barrier.

From our side, this map looks incredible! What is your opinion? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Farming Simulator 19: New American Map Ravenport Featurette

  • Natasja says:
    6 years ago

    It look nice

    me whis list.
    #Matrix bill board on farm whit info
    – All type seed in sillo`s
    – Milk tank feul / emty
    – Water tank feul / emty
    – Horse, cow, scheeps, chikens ect how many in a stable
    – Marked price matrix bilboard.

    – A tain station on the farm its self.

    -Roleplay Wirtshcaft systeem

    – Mod singel and server play

  • michael says:
    5 years ago

    jaimerai voir la map

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