Fliegl Log Trailer v 2.0

About the mod:
Version 2.0:
* Added Mudflap (Moves When Driving)
* Added Work Lights Around The Trailer
* Added Collision On Front Part Of Trailer So The Logs Don't Fall Thru The Trailer
* All The Part's On The Trailer Should Now Have Shadows
* Updated Description With Some More Info
* Remade The Decals So They Fit The Trailer Better
* Added AssetDecals
* Removed Unnecessary Decals
* Added Orange Side Lights
* It is Now Possible To Lift The Axels With Using V Button (LB + B, XBOX, L1 + O, PS4)
* Connection Hoses Added
* Trailer Is Made A Little Bit Shorter
* Smaller Wheels
* Added Color Options
* Now Supports 6 meter Logs
* Fixed Double Fliegl Spelling When Attaching The Trailer


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