FS19 Anderson DLC – baling

Hello farmers, and welcome back to the devblogs for Farming Simulator 19. Today we’re discussing the major focus of the upcoming Anderson DLC – baling! To begin, let’s introduce you to the new addons: the BioBaler WB-55 and associated bumper, attachable to any tractor with at least 200 HP. These are used to knock over, suck in, and then process poplar trees into wood bales. Of course, you’ll need the space to plant your poplars first, then wait for them to grow.

Once you’ve got your bales ready, you’ll need to transport them! While we have tools in the game already for this, we’ve also added four more from the Anderson brand. They are:
  • The RBM 2000, with a capacity of 24 round bales.
  • The RBMPRO 2000, also with a capacity of 24 round bales and a different arm design.
  • The STACKPRO 7200, with a capacity of 16 square bales.
  • The TSR 3450, with a capacity of 14 square bales.

Once you’ve got your wood bales, these can be sold to the sawmill for a tidy profit. This is another revenue stream to continue to improve your farm, purchase larger and better equipment, develop new land, or whatever you wish!
Alongside these additions there are also several other new vehicles:
  • A new round bale wrapper, the RB580.
  • The PRO CHOP 150, a new straw blower, used to create straw bedding for your cows and pigs.
  • The M160, a log loader.

We also have two new mixer wagons with large capacities – the A700 at more than 23,000 litres, and the A950 at over 29,000. These will be especially useful in combination with our final two new tools IFX720 and HYBRID X XTRACTORs. They are new type of tools in Farming Simulator: Inline wrappers. We’ll be diving deep on those in our next blog, so stay tuned.


Source: official Farming Simulator facebook page

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  • Andy says:
    2 years ago

    wanneer komt de download ervan?

  • sylvie says:
    5 months ago


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