FS19 Friday facts

Hello, everyone! Today we will show 8 items from the FS19 store.

The first item is Valtra A series tractor. It is not powerful, but very optimal for simple farming works. A series tractor has from 74 to 81kw (or 100 – 110hp) and can work with light implements, like windrower, which you can see in the same image.

Valtra A series with Kuhn windrower


Next tractor a little more powerful. Case 7200 Pro series tractor can work with most implements in Farming Simulator 19. It’s powerful and pretty large tractor. Engines power from 125 to 192kw (or 170 – 261hp). Considering, that this tractor is powerful, it’s not very expensive and you will buy it in the first gaming steps. Also, in the same image is introduced Schuitemaker Rapide 580V loading wagon. This wagon a little more expensive than a tractor. With this trailer, you will be able to easily collect grass and transport it. Rapide 580V has 35,000 litres capacity. This is a very good investment if you plan to have cattle.

Case 7200 Pro Series with loading wagon


Next item is very similar in previous – it’s loading wagon, the same brand, but another model – Rapide 8400W. This wagon is larger and has three axles. Capacity 53000 – 56500 litres. Capacity can be improved with additional cost.

Shuitemaker Rapide 8400W loading wagon


Like you know from previous our articles in Farming Simulator 19 will be included horses. So if you want to transport your horse from A to B, you will use this compact trailer. For this trailer no needed a tractor, you can pull it with car or jeep. With this trailer, you can transport a few horses the same time.

Bockmann Big Master Western animal trailer


New Holland T6 series tractor – we think this tractor one of the most popular in Farming Simulator, so you must try it. It’s powerful, large and heavy. T6 looks more modern than Case 7200. It also has some tunable abilities, like all other tractors in FS19 mods.

New Holland T6


Do you want to easy and fast plant your plants? Then use Lemken Azurit 9 seeder. This seeder works in 6 meters in width and has 600 litres seeds capacity. For this seeder, you see attached Lemken Solitair 23 fertilizer tank. If you want, you can attach other fertilizer tank and increase capacity. So, it’s very flexible!

Lemken seeder and fertilizer tank


New Holland TX 32 – this is one of the first harvesters, which we introduce in this website. This harvester is not very powerful and can’t work in large width, but it’s not expensive. It can harvest most popular plants, like wheat, canola, sunflowers and much more. Off course for this job need a header. Most likely, this harvester will be your first harvester in game.

New Holland TX 32 with the header


Do you feel sympathy for old machinery? Then grab this Fiat old school tractor. Fiat 1300 DT cheap and powerful tractor. It’s perfectly fit in first game steps or old farms. On this image, you can see Fiat 1300DT which pulling Fortschritt HW80 dual trailers.

Fiat 1300 tractor


So, it’s all for today. What is you favorite machinery in FS19 mods?

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