FS19 Harvesters

FS19 Harvesters

Harvesters – largest machines in Farming Simulator and the real world. In this article, we will introduce some information about this FS19 harvesters. Harvesters can greatly increase farm productivity. Combines can harvest various crops, like canola, wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn, soybeans, sunflowers. Some special combines can harvest potatoes. Also is being used forestry harvesters to cut trees.

One of the first of harvesters had mule team instead of an engine. In the photo below, you can see 20 mule team, which pull up combine. No one game has a harvester mod with mule teams. Every mod in Farming Simulator game has an engine.

Some old combine harvesters have an open cabin. These harvesters are cheaper and older. All new combines have spacious cabins with tons of electronics. These combines have an autopilot, cameras, board computers, GPS, interactive display, yield monitors and other functions. Newest harvesters can work autonomously. Driver no needed to drive, only take care of machinery mistakes.

One of the most important parts of the harvester is the header. Every header is compatible with a combine. Every header is removable. Header width is equal harvester working width. This is means, that combine with wider header will work faster and more efficiently. Header width can be from few to 18 meters. The widest header is 18 meters (60 foot) wide. In mods world header width sometimes is much larger. Some fictional mods have 50 meters wide headers. It’s unnormal in real life. Every header is adapted for kind of crop. Sometimes one type headers are used to cut few types of crop. The most unique header is corn header, it looks like tweezers.

Combine harvesters transporting

Like you know, harvesters are very large machines. Fully assembled combine can’t ride in normal streets. The header must be unattached before combine location change. Sometimes harvesters attach a header trailer. Most of all combines are transporting by special truck or train trailers. Most often combines autonomously gets on trailers.

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