FS19 maps mods

FS19 maps mods

One of the largest FS19 mods is maps. If you bored to play original maps, you can always download a map mod, which let you explore a new world. We will share a lot of maps and maps parts, like buildings (not placeable), or textures. Some maps have special features, like honey making equipment, heat plant, new passive buildings, more detailed hangars, garages and houses.

How to choose a good map?

There are various maps, which you can download and how to choose a map, which you will enjoy maximally? Firstly, try to decide what size of the map do you like. Some players like large maps, some other players like smaller farms with less and smaller fields. Another selectable factor is map style. You can choose a modern style map or old-time farm map. Usually, modern style maps are very big, have large fields, so it looks like typical American or Canadian farm. Sometimes some maps have specific fruit, which you can grow, for example, grapes. Remember, if you want to grow special fruits, you need also download a harvester mod for specific fruit type.

One of the most important aspects to choose a map is a computer specify. More detailed and larger maps require a more powerful computer. So, you can’t play a highly detailed map without a lag with a low specific computer. You may encounter with low detailed maps, which not works on powerful computers, is it means, that map is broken or poorly optimized. Then try to wait for an update from map creators.

Pay attention to map version, if a map is only alpha or beta version (usually version 0.x) most likely it will be not complete, more likely these maps have more bugs. Most often try to download a map which version is fully released (v1) or second version (v2).

I hope these tips will help for you to choose a map 🙂

Do you wait for FS19 map mods?

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