FS19 mods – special harvesters

Every Farming Simulator player knows what it is a harvester, but in this article, we introduce special harvesters, which may be FS19 mods. Most of the standard harvesters collect grain, canola and wheat. This type of harvesters included in all Farming Simulator games: FS11, FS13, FS15, FS17, FS19. When do you want to get something special, we recommend downloading FS19 mods.

1. Corn harvester – this type of harvester not very unique and rare, but has a special header, which allows to remove and collect corn. Most often to remove corns use the same harvester (combine) like others crops, but attaches corn header, which looks like tweezers. In Farming Simulator 19 mods world you will find a lot of corn harvesters, which you can download for free.

fs19 mods
Case harvester with a corn header


2. Potato harvester – this harvester can grab and collect potatoes. Potato harvester can be self-propelled or not. Self-propelled combines are very expensive, but very interesting machine. With mods, you can get it on very cheap price in-game. If you try to harvest potatoes with the non-self-propelled harvester, then firstly you must use haulm topper, which cuts potato stems (haulms) and then dig potatoes from the ground and collect it with. With self-propelled, harvester mod you can make these steps in one. Most popular potato harvester brand is Grimme (United Kingdom).

fs19 mods
Grimme potato harvester mod (self-propelled)


3. Cotton harvester – very interesting harvester, which collects cotton. Sometimes this harvester names “cotton picker”. It removes the cotton lint and seed, then presses into bales. This process is automatic. In the back of harvester usually is baller press with wrapping function. Most popular cotton harvester brands are John Deere and Case. Usually, cotton harvesters have not wide headers. No one Farming Simulator version didn’t have cotton and these type of harvesters. It was possible to grow cotton and play with cotton harvester only with FS mods. In FS19 you can play with cotton and these harvesters in the default game. But if you like to improve machinery, try to download FS19 mods.

fs19 mods
John Deere cotton picker (harvester)


What harvester type is your favourite? Write in the comments!

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