FS19 mods – what to expect?

Most of Farming Simulator players waiting for FS19 release. Farming Simulator 19 release date November 20, 2018. In this article, we will take a look on FS19 mods and what to expect. Every Farming Simulator comes out with improved graphics, new brands machinery, new possibilities, maps and much more.

FS19 mods

Giants Software planning to improve drastically FS game graphics, it will look incredibly realistic. High-quality textures, shades, shadows, reflections, ultra-realistic the sky will make a very realistic gaming experience.

First time in Farming Simulator will be officially included John Deere farming vehicles and tools. On previous versions, John Deere vehicles or tools was possible to use only with mods. FS19 mods also will offer a wide selection of John Deere and other brand farming equipment.

More types of animals – on Landwirtschafts simulator 19 will be able to use horses like transport. You will able to take care of your horses, feed them. It is a new opportunity for farming players. Like previous versions will be included pigs, cows, sheep, chicken.

You will able to play Farming Simulator 19 online with up to 16 players and use online FS19 mods. It makes a unique experience when you play with your friends or other gamers. Otherwise, you must have an internet connection to play online.

What community talk about FS19 mods?
A lot of players of Farming Simulator, who waiting for the FS19 has some ideas and mod requests. Some FS fans want to play with improved physics and more realism. Also, exhaust smoke very welcome feature. Some guys in the community want to more realistic AI/worker mode. However, the main feature would be Farming Simulator seasons. Offcourse, in FS19 mods you will find various maps, sometimes you will find France, Germany, Russian, Spain or other countries specific map.

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