FS19 Tractor mods (part II)

This article continues on FS19 Tractor mods, where we wrote some information about tractors and mods. Here we will introduce some interesting facts about tractors in the game and in real life.

– The first tractor in the world had a steam engine and it was created in the XIX century.  In the illustration below you will see a first self-propelled tractor, which is made in 1902. This tractor engine has used a petrol. Today no one Farming Simulator game version does not have this tractor mod. Maybe it will be created in FS19? We will see. On the other hand, this tractor power so small, that no big difference than use horses 🙂

– We hope you heard about Ferrari and Lamborghini tractors. These brands sound very expensive and luxury. But, if we talking about tractors, it’s the wrong opinion. Lamborghini or Ferrari tractors not so expensive today and they are not so luxury, like cars. Also, these tractor brands do not have any connection with these car brands.  Of course, they have a nice quality and has good prestige in all world, but they are not exclusive tractors to other brands. Then we talking about FS19 mods, you will find a lot of Lamborghini, Ferrari and much more brand tractors on this website.

– One of the most interesting types of a tractor is a self-propelled sprayer. These sprayers have very tall wheels, which looks like animal legs. The body is the same or very similar to a normal tractor. From the side, you can’t see an axle, self-propelled sprayers have special axle solution – pinion gear mechanism. Also, they are very tall. All these features are keeping fields from destroying.  On the back are a fertilizer tank and foldable sprayer. This sprayer you can download for the FS17 game, but also it will be created for FS19 mods.

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