Geringhoff Harvest Star HV660 v 1.0

About the mod:
Harvest Star, the high-tech reapers from Geringhoff. From one field to the next - that works in minutes. This grain cutter offers you the highly developed and proven folding technology from Geringhoff. Harvesting without long set-up times. This enormously increases the efficiency of the combine harvester. A time consuming loading and unloading of the cutting unit is eliminated as well as the investment in a cutting unit carriage.

- Working width 6.6 meters
- Working speed 10 km/h

Price 38000 €

usxi7sd, Landmensch

One thought on “Geringhoff Harvest Star HV660 v 1.0

  • Battletank2002 says:
    3 months ago

    eigentlich eine geile mod… aber die Haspel lässt sich nicht verstellen und der messerbalken ist auch nicht animiert… sehr schade

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