John Deere 7400 v 1.0

About the mod:
- Engine Setup: 370 hp, 460 hp, 540 hp, 585 hp, 625 hp
- Selectable Wheels
- Selectable Wheels Brand

Included Kemper 460 Plus Header:
- Working width 6 meters
- Working speed 10 km/h

Price Harvester 215000 €
Price Header 29000 €


2 thoughts on “John Deere 7400 v 1.0

  • BEAST says:
    4 months ago


  • Atomic Taco says:
    2 months ago

    When using with season after you buy it and start it its like all of the paint goes away like its bare metal. Can you please look into this issue. Needs fixed. Very Frustrating

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