Kraz 255V Pack v

About the mod:
The Pack consist of two Kraz 255V Trucks (Standard and Dump) and Kraz Dump Trailer

Trucks Features:
- Engine Setup: 240 hp, 420 hp
- Speed 80 km/h
- Capacity Dump Truck 18600 liters
- Selectable Wheels
- Selectable Design
- Selectable Design Color
- Selectable Rim Color
- Choice of Color
- Price 65500 €

Trailer Features:
- Capacity 16000 liters
- Selectable Wheels
- Selectable Rim Color
- Choice of Color
- Price 18500 €

* Fix compatibility with CoursePlay
* 2 new types of dual wheels with tires M-93 and ID-304 were added
* Tires VI-3 and VID-201 bring to real sizes
* Now tires VI-Z and VID-201 bend a little more under load
* Sound editing
* The dump Truck unloading speed has been changed so that the unloading animation looks more impressive
* Changed the order of tires and work lights
* Tires are built on the principle of frequency of use in reality: VI-3 -> VID-201 -> ID-304 -> M-93 -> Nokian (left them for those who liked them)
* Fixed a bug with the position of the front springs, which sometimes could occur during long driving through potholes
* Returned the grill to the footboard next to the right tank
* Edits ambient aclujena and mud for Krazov
* Straightening dirt on the rim of gable wheels
* Added a trailer in the kit to the dump truck
* Increased sound volume in the cabin
* Small edits of an external camera for a dump truck
* The dump truck loading area is replaced (so that the load lays down more unevenly)
* Fixed bug of wheels falling into the ground under heavy overload
* Fixed dirt work on windows and radiator
* Improved front suspension performance
* Improved physics of dump truck behavior
* Improved cabin interior models
* Added animations of pedals (gas / brake / clutch) and gearshift lever


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