Lizard Colossus Harvesters Pack v 2.1

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Lizard Colossus Harvesters Pack v 2.1 Lizard Colossus Harvesters Pack v 2.1 Lizard Colossus Harvesters Pack v 2.1 Lizard Colossus Harvesters Pack v 2.1 Lizard Colossus Harvesters Pack v 2.1 Lizard Colossus Harvesters Pack v 2.1

About the mod:

Lizard, the leading brand in virtual farming, has done it again.
Thanks to the Lizard research and development team, they have found a way to harvest fields without having to empty your harvester nearly as often.
Using an “unrealistic” grain bin, they found how to fit up to 153,300 liters of crop into the top of their Colossus Harvester.
Included in this pack are the Lizard Titan Headers. These headers have been reworked by Lizard, allowing for a slightly faster harvest speed than similar style headers.
This was a family project and we hope you enjoy the mod!

Colossus Harvester:
Capacity: 15,000 – 153,300 liters
Base Price: $300,900
HP: 900 – 1500

Titan Header:
Work Width: 45 feet
Price: $72,600
(Uses the Nardi 60-45 header trailer)

Titan Corn Header:
Work Width: 29.5 feet
Price: $72,600

Titan Corn Header Trailer:
Price: $11,300

Titan Draper:
Work Width: 45 feet
Price: $88,000

Colossus Root Harvester:
Base Price: $353,000
Capacity: 43,000 – 253,300 liters
HP: 800 – 1500

Sugar Beet Header:
Price: $73,900
Work Width: 13 feet

Potato Header:
Price: $73,900
Work Width: 13 feet

Root Header Trailer:
Price: $8,500

– Base Color
– Design Color
– Frame Color
– Rim Color
– Tire
– Beacon Styles
– Window Tint
– Custom color palette with all base game colors

Changelog V
– Titan Corn Header and Titan Corn Header Trailer
– Titan Draper
– Additional custom colors
– Additional wheel configurations and beacons
– Reconfigured capacities: 2 realistic, 2 unrealistic
– Improved translations

Changelog V
– Colossus Root Harvester
– Root headers
– Root header trailer

Changelog V
– Colossus:
-US/EU Configurations
-Numerous tire configurations
-New engine configuration
– Root Harvester:
-I3d/Animation update
-More tire configurations
-Adjusted engine configurations
-Neon light configurations

– Added unrealistic Titan Headers
– Corrected translation
– More beacon options
– Updated mod icon
– Other small xml updates

ChrisS and RileyS

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