Malwa Forest Pack v 1.0

About the mod:
The Pack consist of:
- Malwa 560 C: Price 254000 €
- Malwa 560 F: Price 149000 €
- Malwa 560 H: Price 211000 €
- Malwa Logging Trailer: Price 7000 €

The Malwas offer a efficient, compact forest machines for modern, minimal impact forest management. Capable of moving between the trees in standings woods without requiring dedicated tracks. Seldom or never cause environmental damage.

560 F is a stand-operative forwarder with high load capacity. Low net weight, small turning radius, minimal environmental impact.
Weight from 4700 kg.

560 H is ideal for stand operative thinning, felling trunks up to 42 cm, and in areas where larger machines may damage land or watercourses.
Weight from 5,400 kg.

560 C is a stand operative, high performance harvester and forwarder in one but for now only avalible in harvester mode in farming simulator. Harvester head with up to 42 cm cutting diameter. Uniquely good handling and mobility.

North Modding Company

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