Manual Attaching v 1.0

About the mod:
With this mod you need to get out of the vehicle to attach or detach implement / trailer.
- Drive vehicle to implement, get out and move to attacherjoint
- You will see attaching markers
- You also need to manually attach PTO.
- You need to detach PTO first before detach implement
- You can switch between 3 mods of attaching (Manually only, Inside vehicle only and Both Manually / Insid)
- If PTO is not connected, implement cant be turned on / start tipping
- You can show / hide current MA mode in F1 help menu

Attach / detach implement - "KEY_q"
Attach / detach PTO - "KEY_x"
Toglle mode - "KEY_lshift KEY_a"
Show / hide mode in help menu - "KEY_lctrl KEY_a"

kennny456, Burner

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