Michigan Map v 2.0

About the mod:
Version 2.0:
• Fixed Double D Ranch, will take Lose Straw, Grass, and Silage
• Added Water Trigger to the map
• Removed Floating Trees
• Setup correct Default Vehicle in New Farmer Mode
• Added Buy-able Land at Transportation Company
• Modified Transport Missions, they will leave from the Transport Company
• Made sawmill area buyable (Logging Triggers are still broke due to Giants Error)
• Lessen terrain hills and valleys in fields 14, 15, 17
• Soybean texture updated ( Still not 100% but better for now)
• Field 11, 12, 20 updated terrain, no longer flat
• Asphalt in town is no longer glossy
• Pioneer Train Trigger has been fixed
• New Farmer mode location has driveway textures
• New Farmer mode has been given fields 29 & 30
• Train Track Textures have been updated

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6 thoughts on “Michigan Map v 2.0

  • Cody says:
    10 months ago

    The gaps between fields with the water ditches make using helpers pretty much impossible. I do quite like the map but thats a huge turn off for me playing solo… I need my helpers to not drive my vehicles into large ditches.

    • scaniatrucker73 says:
      10 months ago

      They won’t drive into the ditches if you do a headland first when sowing/cultivating/harvesting/fertilizing.

  • Seth Williamson says:
    10 months ago

    The trees along the edge that you can’t buy can cut down and cut corn texture give terrible lag! I love the map but parts are unplayable

  • Jason says:
    10 months ago

    I would love to see this map for Xbox one. Looks great??

  • Michael Rice says:
    10 months ago

    I like the Map. where did you get the machine garages from.

  • xxx says:
    10 months ago


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