Mineshaft Fills Vehicles v 1.0

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Mineshaft Fills Vehicles v 1.0 Mineshaft Fills Vehicles v 1.0 Mineshaft Fills Vehicles v 1.0

About the mod:

This mod is dedicated to Silverrun Forest map, by using this mod you can fill all iron compatible vehicles directly from the main pipe where iron ore is falling. This ability was lacking from base game. To use this feature just simply set your trailer or loader directly under the pipe, now irone ore will be loded to your desired container.


How to install FS19 mods?

Firstly find a mod which you like and want to download. Then download a mod to your PC. Mods are usually in .zip format file. But sometimes it can be in .rar. If a mod file is a .zip format no needed additional actions. If a file is in .rar, then you must unarchive mod with software like WinRar or Zip7. Windows 10 users no need to use software for archives, Win10 itself has a feature to unarchive files.

The next step is to find mods folder in your PC. Usually, it is in Documents/My Games/Farming Simulator 19/2019. Open the "mods" folder and put downloaded .zip archive or unarchived .rar file to this folder.

Last step. Enjoy of FS19 mods!

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