Mods Pack by Stevie v 2.0

About the mod:
The Pack consist of:
- JCB Fastrac 4220
- JCB Fastrac 8330
- Lemken Gigant 12S 160
- Lemken Solitair 12
- Horch Pronto 9D
- Amazone Condor 15001
- Long Neck Combi Plus
- TKD 302

Version 2.0:
* All have extended repair intervals, the Proto 9DC will fill from Fenton Farms silo without issue, the JCB Fastrac 8330 has had a rebuild to fix the Giants collision issue with implements like the Condor Seeder. Extra wheel options have been added to both Fastrac's long with steering angle adjustments and visual extras. The Condor will now seed most fruits. There's a few extra mods added as well.


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