New machinery review

Today we show the fourth items for Farming Simulator 19.

Do you like big and powerful tractors? If yes, you will like this JCB Fastrac 4220 tractor. This tractor very optimal for various size farms. Like all other FS19 tractors, this tractor has some tunable parts. On the image, you can see an attached trailer for grass Schuitemaker Siwa 720, which is perfect for grass, hay.


On the next photo is New Holland W190D heavy loader with attached Magsi high-dump bucket. With this loader, you can load every good on your farm. It’s mostly used for grass, silage, hay, potato and other.


Also, Farming Simulator 19 will have a John Deere 6M Series tractor. This tractor is very universal and practice. It is possible to attach front loader, weights, change wheel and engine setup.


Do you plan to raise animals, like pigs, cows or sheep? Then you need to feed your animals. For this job, the best helper is self-propelled mixer wagon, which can grab various forage and mix it. In FS19 store you will find Strautmann VM 1702 Double SF mixer wagon. It is not expensive and so useful!


Do not see the right item for you? Cheer up! In this website, you can find a lot of FS19 mods for free.

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