North Frisian March Map v 2.2

About the mod:
Version 2.2:
* The Map is Seasons Mod ready, Snow Mask and some Lakes freeze too
* All Productions and Placeable Objects are Seasons ready
* Channel Members Lairds and Farmers have moved in
* Global Company ready, all Productions are rewritten on Global Company
* Output of Pallets for Flour, Sugar, Pellets, Apples, Cherry, Pears, Plums
* New Production Sawmill with output of Pallets (empty Pallets and Board Pallets)
* New Hardware Store for the Pallets
* Supermarkets are now accepting the New Pallets
* Pig Feed Production Abkipprohr slightly increased
* BGA Tube slightly raised for Digestate
* Roads are cheaper to buy and can then be cleared of Snow
* Texture at the Silo King at BGA Nord fits again
* Designation Construction Site and Trade fixed

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