Placeable Refill Stations v 1.0

About the mod:
Refill stations where you can buy seeds, fertilizer, grass, hay, straw, chicken food (wheat), cow food, horse food (oat), pig food, manure, silage, chaff, lime, herbicide, liquid fertilizer, liquid manure and water.


3 thoughts on “Placeable Refill Stations v 1.0

  • SogWick says:
    9 months ago

    Hello, the seed one dosn’t seem to work for me. I can use all the other’s (I’ve tried Fertelizer, liquid fertelizer and Herbicide) But i can’t seem to buy from the Seed one. Any tip’s?

    • harry says:
      9 months ago

      ill try and let you know

  • Papy says:
    8 months ago

    tres beau mods, tout fonctionne… seul problème:
    l’eau est payante et le fertilisant solide est gratuit…
    je pense que tu as inversés les deux silos…

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