Tension Belt Support Pack v 2.0

About the mod:
The Pack consist of Mods with Tension Belt Support:
- Massey Ferguson 9407S Telehandler
- Manitou MC 18-4 Forklift
- Manitou Linde Forklift
- New Holland Roll Belt 150 Baler
- Magsi Shovel
- Magsi Manure Fork
- Magsi Pallet Fork
- Magsi Log Fork
- Magsi Bale Fork
- Magsi Wrapped Bale Handler
- Stoll Universal Bucket
- Stoll Pallet Fork
- Stoll Bale Spike
- Stoll Bale Handler
- Stoll Log Fork
- Stoll Manure Fork
- Stoll Fork with Grapple
- Stoll Roll Type Bale Fork
- Stoll Silage Cutter
- Stoll FZ 30 Frontloader
- Stoll FZ 60 Frontloader
- John Deere 643R Frontloader
- John Deere Bucket


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