Terragator & Implements v 3.0

About the mod:
Version 3.0:

* Added two New Implements:
- Tipper: capacity 35000 liters, holds all Fruit Types
- Manure Spreader: capacity 20000 liters, working width 17 meters, working speed 12 km/h

* Added an extended Capacity config to the Slurry Tank Implement:
- Capacity 35000 liters
- Working width 14.8 meters

* Added Engine Option Configuration:
- 337 hp
- 457 hp

* Moved rear hitch to a vehicle configuration
- Default
- Rear Attachment
- Rear Attachment with Oversize Sign

* Added extended Frame Confihguration with an additional rear wheel axis
* Extended Frame is only compatible with the Tipper, Manure Spreader and extended Slurry Tanker
* Updated Body decals to match the real life counterpart
* Added separate engine Configuration decals
* Re-branded Terragator and all implements to Ag-Chem
* Added additional dashboard lights/numbers/and animations
* Added seat suspension with seat camera
* Added rotating drive shaft & animated front wheel cylinders
* Added animations for the door and armrest when entering the vehicle
* Added lime smoke patricle effect on spreader
* Increased working speed of implements
* Decreased wear speed on implements
* Improved engine sounds and engine sound location
* Improved dirt textures on all implements
* Improved window and mirror textures
* Improved vehicle traction
* Various light improvements

Eagle355th, Otis Little Bear Modding, Aaron6446, bhModding, KarlFarms, Taylor Farms

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