FS19 trailer mods

FS19 trailer mods

When you will play FS19, when you will harvest your crops, you will transport your yield to silos or yield purchase points. Trailers are very important part of farming life. In this article, we will introduce trailer types and some gaming tips.

Types of trailers are only a few: tipper, manure, bale, forage and transport.

Tipper trailer is a most important trailer on the farm. These trailers easy to load, because usually loading directly from harvester with a pipe or from silos. This trailer can self-unload. Tipper trailers use for transport yield from fields to silos and then to purchase points. Most of the tipper trailers have two or three axles non-steerable chassis. Some older trailers for tractors have a two axles chassis, which one axle is steerable in front, other in back non-steerable. One tipper trailers can be attachable for tractors, others for trucks, they have different attaching points.

Bale trailers are flatbed type trailers. Usually, bale trailers have sideways only in front and back. This concept allows to easily load bales with a front-loader. Flatbed trailers are cheaper, because of simple construction. Most often bale trailer pull tractor, they do not have to attach points to trucks. Largest farms sometimes have an autoloader bale trailers. These trailers can autonomously take a bale and load in a trailer. Autoloader method saves a lot of time and finances because for this work need only one tractor without frontloader.

Transporter trailers are similar to flatbed trailers. They have a ramp, sometimes have lift system. Transporter trailers mostly using for transport large farming machinery, like harvesters, track tractors or excavators.

Manure trailers purpose is spread manure in fields. In Farming Simulator 19 mods website manure spreaders are very popular category. Manure is filled from cows or pigs farms.

Forage trailers can collect a cut grass. In front of a trailer, they have a collector, which collect grass automatically and loading grass in a wagon.

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    I been waiting for a nice dozer like a 1050K Crawler Dozer or Deere Crawler Dozer 750K mods for FARMING SIMULATOR 19

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