Ursus 1224/1614 Turbo v 3.0

About the mod:
Configurations in the store:
- Choice of body color, choice of engine and cabin color
- Choice of engine color and roof cab
- Choosing the color of the wheel rims

Tire Configurations:
- Treleborg (standard, with weights, wide, wide with weights, narrow)
- Mitas (standard, wide)
- Michelin (standard, with weights, wide, wide with weights)

Engine Configurations:
- 1224 (120 km)
- 1224 Turbo (146 km)
- 1614 (155 km)
- 1614 Turbo (160 km)

Appearance configurations:
- Without anything, weight, front linkage
- Flat mask
- Beheaded mask
- Ordinary roof, thick roof with sunroof
- Additional work lighting
- Loader console

- RPM clock animations
- Engine temperature clock animation
- Operating direction indicators
- Illuminated clocks (after switching on the lights)
- Manual gas animation
- Gas pedal animation
- Clutch and brake pedal animation
- Reversing lever animations
- Movable seat
- Openable doors, rear window and roofs
- Animated shaft from the front drive
- Dynamic hoses
- Getting dirty
- Pulley animations

CatFan 18, Dawidson

One thought on “Ursus 1224/1614 Turbo v 3.0

  • JariVu says:
    4 months ago

    The front axle moves backwards and forwards. Also the tractor slides sideways in hills.

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