Various Storage Pack v 1.0

About the mod:
The Pack includes Placeable Various Storages for all Products in the game:
- Grain Silo
- Hay Loft
- Hall with Silo for for Woodchips
- Lager for Seeds and Fertilizer
- Farm Silo
- Small Farm Silo
- Shelf Paradise XL
- Silos Agritech
- Warehouse for Storing Tubercles

ShabaFS (iBerModding), ShabaFS, NSMT, Kardis, RaFu-Network, RB Modding, zielak04, GnG Modding, Die_Hopfenbauern

One thought on “Various Storage Pack v 1.0

  • mickey martin says:
    7 months ago

    make it a zip file alot easier. didnt use because of .rar

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