Westbridge Hills Map v 1.1

About the mod:
- Initial Port for FS19
- One Farm
- Purcasable Land

Giants, holecsko

4 thoughts on “Westbridge Hills Map v 1.1

  • Josh Hanousek says:
    7 months ago

    Waste time if you eve want to build buildings, the terrain is so uneven no mod buildings or even in game works decent.

  • david moorre says:
    7 months ago

    RE: Westbridge hills v 1.1 It as a BIG BIG BUG in it you can not jump around or drive at all PLEASE FIX IT; I like this map alot. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Don says:
    7 months ago

    Dont know why somebody screwed up a great Map, took out sell sell point at North end, storage at the farm, took out dairy a good deal left a sink hole big enough for a cat dozer, left it so rough and uneven cant even put down any placeables where all the buildings were at . If somebody would have took 2015 took out the dairly and all the buildings around the area as did make it smooth it still would be one of the best Maps made.

  • david moore says:
    6 months ago

    Please When are U going to FIX WESTBRIDGE HILLS MAP we the gamer’s love this map to death. P.S. PLEASE FIX IT THANK YOU and reply to us thank you again.?!!

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