Westbridge Hills Map v 3.0

About the mod:
On the Map you start with 2 Fields in property and with more or less balanced machinery taking into account the fields of the beginning and their dimensions.
The Animals are already placed on the Map and each area is fully adapted to the needs of the animals (water tank, straw and hay silo, pressure washer, garage).

Types of Silos on the Map:
- Main Silo
- Silo of Potatoes and Beetroot
- Silos of Liquid and Solid Fertilizer
- Silos for Seeds
- Silos for Herbicides

Types of Animal Farms:
- Cows
- Sheep
- Pigs
- Chickens
- Horses

Juande Gamer82

2 thoughts on “Westbridge Hills Map v 3.0

  • Dylan says:
    6 months ago

    Hello, Im wondering if you could upload the mod of the WBH Map, but with nothing on the farm, so people can design their own farm, would be really appreciated, thank you.

  • d henley says:
    6 months ago

    no egg price in map found 2 sell points but they do not sell

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