Wielkopolska Map v 1.0

About the mod:
- 63 Fields to buy (including 4 meadows) Medium / small
- 2 purchase of cereals, sawmill, sale of sawdust and straw
- 2 fully playable farms with cowsheds for cows and pigs
- 1 empty area at your own placeable place
- Start machines
- AI Traffic
- Forests
- Shop of machines with a workshop
- Large diversity on the map
- Mapping (who followed the topic on the forum knows)
- There are no boxes to start, you buy the ones you want to have (you have only 2 basic farms on which they are in house)


2 thoughts on “Wielkopolska Map v 1.0

  • BEAST says:
    2 months ago


    • Cordex says:
      1 month ago

      I’ve looked at the review an altogether its okay but some textures could be improved. However though i like the few mods you get with it. Great job and keep up the good work, MRMR!

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