Hello farmers and welcome back to the devblogs for Farming Simulator 19. Today we’re tackling the two largest additions in the Anderson DLC coming very soon. The IFX720 XTRACTOR and HYBRID X XTRACTOR are inline wrappers, letting you wrap grass bales into a tube automatically one after the other.

The IFX720 processes round bales, while the HYBRID X is a more expensive variant with the capability to also process square bales. Wrapping these bales up will transform them into silage bales without needing the space and money for a massive silo.
First you set up your chosen XTRACTOR tool by unfolding it where you wish to place your bale tube. Grass bales are loaded into the back of the tool and the wrapping process will begin automatically. Various different colours of wrapping plastic can be chosen to help personalise your field even more.

Once the bales are wrapped, they can be cut open to access the new silage bale immediately, which can then be used in the new A700 and A950 mixer wagons to create the best possible food for your cows: Total Mixed Ration. Alternatively, these can be stored until such a time that you need them, or sold to continue to improve your farm. As ever, the choice is yours in Farming Simulator 19.
The Anderson DLC will be coming to Farming Simulator 19 on March 26th.

Source: official Farming Simulator Facebook page

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