Zetor Tractors Pack v 1.1

About the mod:
The Pack consist of:
- Zetor Crystal 12045 Tractor
- Zetor Forterra 150 HD Tractor
- Zetor Major 80 Tractor
- Zetor Proxima Power 120 Tractor
- 800 kg Zetor Weight
- 1200 kg Zetor Weight

Version 1.1:
* The engine sounds of Forterra HD, Proxima Power and Major have been replaced with the original sounds from FS17. Now the tractors are sounding like they should be
* Front hitch lower links now are resting in upward position when hitch is not used
* Non sense engines have been removed and actual engine configurations were added. Now you can chose between Forterra HD130 and Fortera HD150. Also engine configurations of 100 and 120 hp were added to Proxima Power. The decals on the bonnet are changing accordingly to the chosen engine
* A lot of tire configurations can be found – standard, narrow, wide, twin, twin narrow
* Improvement of the steering was made as well
* Two weights of 800 and 1200 kg can be found under Zetor brand
* Many other small changes were made

Slava_102Rus, EpicPryda, Radichkov

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